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Satisfaction Guarantee

  • No matter what the project size or budget spent, every second is precious to you and us.
  • Meeting your goals and achievements is what advertising and marketing is all about.
  • We want you to be satisfied with the products and services we offer. Afterall, you shouldn't settle for something that doesn't motivate you because in reality, it won't ultimately motivate your customers.
  • When we produce projects for clients such as yourself, we put ourselves in the consumers seat and become
    the test audience. We ask ourselves if we would buy that product or subscribe to that service based upon
    what the finally presentation both sounds and looks like.
  • We ask for your honest, unbiased thoughts and for constructive criticism.
  • The matter of fact is we may or may not have ever heard of your service. We may have or may have not ever used your product line in the past. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to test all the products to be featured in the campaign.
  • Before we complete any project, we research each product and/or service that what we are helping you to sell whether we have the product or access to the service or not. Part of successfully conveying your message to the masses requires us to do our homework. We don't believe in presenting something we know nothing of and we don't just take your project as just another "gig" that we're getting paid to complete. We actually do take a personal interest in every campaign we develop.
  • There are certain products and services we won't take as assignments. Anything that is illegal, racially charged, anti-demographic group, gender or ethnic discriminatory, terroristic, anti-American, anti-government (any country), opposes any U.S. Presidents, any Royal Families, world leaders, etc. are projects we won't do.
  • When it comes to politics and religion: We take no sides and it is never to be construed in any fashion that we are endorsing a candidate or lifestyle. We definitely do not make financial contributions or donations to said groups. We already know who we are voting for and we found our spiritual path years ago.
  • We would rather refer you to another agency than have you be displeased with us no matter where the project stands. Even if we are near completion, we will only ask you to pay up to the point we are at with a lower fee.
  • We take your Yelp!, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, etc. reviews online very seriously. BEFORE you write a review that might be less than favourable to us, please contact us first. If there is a problem, we would rather discuss it with you before you go on an unnecessary "smear campaign." But, we have yet to get a poor review and we believe that our services are such excellent quality that we don't have to worry about this sort of thing.
  • If we refuse service or explain a delay in booking, it's because we have good reason to do so. We don't waste your valuable time nor expect ours to be wasted.
  • If we are a fit, we'll explain why. Also, if we aren't meeting to your expectations, let us know. We'll either cure or quit. It's very simple.
  • Do you research before you hire us. We may not be what you're looking for or maybe can't help you afterall.

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