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Q: Is there any contractual commitment?    
A: We have a simple contract that only legally commits you to pay for the services you receive, but no long-term commitments.

Q: Is this a lengthy process?                              
A: The details of your plan are as you fancy them to be. We still dedicate as much time as is necessary to ensure quality projects.

Q: Do you have other artists to choose from?                            
A: I only offer and guarantee my services. I don't provide referrals to other artists for many reasons. Let your fingers do the walking. There are plenty of good artists out there, but do your homework! There are just as many scam artists waiting to take your money too.

Q: Are refunds granted?                                      
A: Only under dire & rare circumstances will this ever happen. Studio time and talent effort aren't commodities that can be put back into an inventory or re-stocked on a shelf. If you feel you do qualify, complete a request form and after reviewing it with my advisors, you'll be notified of our decision.

Q: Is a deposit required?
Yes. A 35% of your total amount due as a retainer is due upon agreement. Payments installments can be arranged not to exceed 90-days subject to credit approval.

Q: Are you a talent agent or agency?
A: No. I am a licensed sole proprietor in the State of California providing contractor services. I am represented by talent agencies in the United Kingdom and United States.

Q: Are you listed on Fiverr or sites like UpWork?
A: I tried those sites, but they simply didn't fit my needs or those of my clientele. My services are overqualified for those sites as my fee schedule alone excludes me from being listed on many sites.

Q: Do you complete projects in an actual recording studio?
A: Yes. I have three different studios I work from, but most projects are completed at my private studio in Southern California located in the sub-basement of one of my homes.

Q: Do you give personal tours of any of your studio spaces?
A: No. I only offer virtual tours online.

Q: How soon will my project be completed?
A: How soon do you need it? Generally, I guarantee that your project will be completed within 1 full business day from the time you placed the order and your deposit has cleared my banque. If you need something sooner, please let me know. There is no extra charge if you give me four hours to complete your project. If you need something sooner, there is a small fee (see fee guide.) If we have a long-term contract or platinum package deal, your project will be updated within two hours of a request being made. If I am unable to get your project completed on time, you'll be notified.

Q: Do you make personal appearances?
A: Yes. (See more info...)

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable?
A: CA$H is always king, but I accept most forms of payment. I use Stripe, Square and PayPal primarily.

Q: Do you accept foreign banque payments?
A: Yes. I have the means to do this.

Q: New Clients vs. Established Clients?
A: If you are a first-time client, there are more procedures to endure than established clients. It's not difficult or impossible so don't let that deter you from this. Everything done along the way is not only to safeguard me, but also is for your security as well such as is for payments.

Q: What incentives do you offer for referrals?
A: If you refer me to someone who eventually becomes a client, you will receive complimentary services based on this information page.

Q: Will you record in a studio of my choosing?
A: Absolutely. Please add on to my base fees, any costs involved to get me to and from your studio. (See info page...)

If you have a question that should be on this list, e-mail it to me. I'll be adding more questions soon.

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